Location: Turin, Italy
19th march, 2015

Who: developers, devOps,
startups, IT managers

The event:1 conference day +
1 workshop day

Don't miss it!300 tickets
3 tracks, 20 relators


over 20 speakers confirmed!

Erika Heidi

Developer Advocate @ DigitalOcean

Flavio Percoco

Engineer @ Red Hat, OpenStack contributor

Enrico Zimuel

Senior Software Engineer @ Zend Technologies

Norberto Leite

Tech Evangelist @ MongoDB

Danilo Poccia

Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services

Walter Dal Mut

Solution Architect @ Corley Cloud

Felipe Hoffa

Developer Advocate @ Google

Matteo Collina

Software Engineer @ nearForm

David Mytton

CEO @ Server Density

Gabriele Mittica

Cloud Developer @ CorleyCloud

Alvaro Videla

Developer Advocate @ Pivotal/RabbitMQ

Alessandro Nuzzo

Senior Web Developer

Phil Leggetter

Head of Developer Evangelism @ Pusher

Michele Orselli

CTO @ Ideato

Lorenzo Romagnoli

Interaction Designer @ Officine Arduino

Francesco Ficili

Senior Electronic Engineer

Antonio Murdaca

Web developer

Salvatore Pollaci

Technology Evangelist @ Innomatic

Marco Tranquillin

Cloud Solution Architect @ Revevol, Google Developer Expert

Vincenzo Germano

Senior Electronic Engineer @ Denso

Phil Nash

Developer Evangelist @ Twilio

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The big european event on cloud computing and scalability

The Cloud Conf is coming back after the successful 2013 and 2014 editions.

The goal is always the same: make a great day full of networking and technical speeches about cloud computing, involving (as in the past) great companies and speakers (in the previous editions: AWS, Zend Technologies, OpenStack, OrientDB, Redis, Cloud9 IDE, Spotify, ElasticSEarch...)

The CloudConf is suited for developers, devOps, startups e IT managers, and it will be hosted in Turin, a fantastic and dynamic italian city. Don't miss it!

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Conf 2013

1 day

9 relators, 1 track

125 attendees, sold out

Conf 2014

1 day + workshop

12 relators, 2 tracks

210 attendees, sold out

Conf 2015

1 day + workshop

20 relators, 3 tracks

300 attendees

  • 24th October and 15th November 2014

    Introducing the Conference

    We'll introduce the 2015 edition at the fourth CloudParty in Genova (Cloud & PHP) and at the InternetOf.it event in Turin! (free tickets)

  • November 2014

    Super Early Bird & Call for Papers

    November looks to be very interesting: release of the discounted early bird tickets and opening of call for papers to get your proposals! Fill the form to submit your talk before December 20!

  • December 2014 - January 2015


    We'll announce, week by week, the 20 relators for the next, incredible Cloud Conference edition.

  • 19th - 20th March 2015

    Cloud Conf & Workshop Day

    March 19th (wed) we'll host in Turin the third edition of the Cloud Conf. A great event about cloud computing and following the officials workshops (March 20th): get your seat on this site!

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