The CloudConf Schedule! March 19th, 2015

20 sessions about cloud computing and scalability from our experienced speakers!

09:00 - 09:30 Check-in

9:40, Keynote

Scalable Cluster
From hell to heaven in 30 minutes with MongoDB

by Norberto Leite
Tech Evangelist @ MongoDB

10:15, Keynote

Building a Microservice Architecture on AWS using AWS Lambda and Docker containers

by Danilo Poccia
Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services

10:50 - 11:20 Coffee break!

11:20, Keynote

What we know, what is happening, and what we are made of: Exploring big data on the cloud

by Felipe Hoffa
Developer Advocate @ Google

11:55, Keynote

Automation made simple with Ansible

by Erika Heidi
Developer Advocate @ DigitalOcean

12:30, Keynote

What RTC? Everything you need to know to connect browsers to the world.

by Phil Nash
Developer Evangelist @ Twilio

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch!

Room "Giolitti"

Room "Einaudi"

Room "Sella"

14:00  #infrastructure

IaaS beyond Infrastructure: What's cloud after all?

by Flavio Percoco
Engineer @ Red Hat, OpenStack contributor

14:00  #mobile

Cloud-powered Cross-platform Mobile apps
on AWS

by Danilo Poccia
Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services

14:00  #IoT

Develop and deploy Internet of Things applications

by Francesco Ficili & Vincenzo Germano
Senior Electronic Engineer

14:40  #realtime

You have Realtime Data and you don't even
know it

by Phil Leggetter
Head of Developer Evangelism @ Pusher

14:40  #migration

Deploy to the cloud:
an unexpected journey

by Alessandro Nuzzo & Murdaca Antonio
Senior Web Developer

14:40  #infrastructure

Best of both world: cloud vs colo vs bare metal

by David Mytton
CEO @ Server Density

15:20 - 15:50 Coffee break!

15:50  #security  #rest

API authentication with OAuth2 in the cloud

by Enrico Zimuel
Senior Software Engineer @ Zend Technologies

15:50  #automation  #chatops

A robot to automate your infrastructure inside your chat
with Hubot!

by Walter Dal Mut Solution Architect @ Corley Cloud

15:50  #sponsored talk

Build Multi-tenant ∧ SaaS products & services in PHP

by Salvatore Pollaci
Technology Evangelist @ Innomatic

16:30  #scalability

Scaling with no pains: exceed limits using Google Cloud Platform

by Marco Tranquillin
Cloud Solution Architect @ Revevol, Google Developer Expert

16:30  #deploy

Live deployment on stage with Docker
and NScale

by Matteo Collina
Software Engineer @ nearForm

16:30  #api  #mobile

Implementing data synchronization API for mobile apps with Silex

by Michele Orselli
CTO @ Ideato

17:10  #scalability

Building a Distributed Data Ingestion System with RabbitMQ

by Alvaro Videla
Developer Advocate @ Pivotal/RabbitMQ

17:10  #javascript  #frontend

Scalable Frontend applications with AngularJS

by Gabriele Mittica
Cloud Developer @ CorleyCloud

17:10  #iot

Casa Jasmina:
the open source home born on IoT

by Lorenzo Romagnoli
Interaction Designer @ Officine Arduino

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